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UCD Innovation Academy
Undergraduate Electives

The world of work is changing faster than ever before. No matter where you see your future, employers of all sizes and in all sectors want agile graduates who are creative, collaborative and innovative. Our modules bring together hundreds of students from across UCD to build these skills by tackling real-world challenges in partnership with leading graduate employers.  Modules are open to all eligible UCD Undergraduate students.

Our Elective Modules

We Offer UCD Undergraduate Students a choice of six interactive modules open to all UCD Undergraduates. Over 500 students per year enrol in our modules.

While each module explores a different aspect of innovation, all of our modules focus on learning by doing through workshop style classes rather than lectures. Students focus on practical application of theory.

All of our modules are pass/fail and GPA Neutral meaning that you can really enjoy participating in class without the pressure of an end of trimester exam or essay.

2020/21 Schedule:

All modules will be delivered online over five days. Each day will be a combination of ‘live online’ workshops, individual & team activities, tasks and project work. This work will take place remotely using a combination of Blackboard and Zoom. There are two intakes in Trimester 1 and one intake in Trimester 2. The dates are listed below. You may take up to one module in each intake (i.e. 3 in total). Modules are run on weekdays only and not on weekends.

Trimester 1

Trimester 2

How can I benefit from these modules?

“I improved my communication skills, my presenting skills, teamwork, problem-solving and much more. I feel that I have gained fundamental skills that will benefit me for my entire life.”

“I made a whole bunch of new friends from all different backgrounds in UCD that I normally wouldn’t even have a chance to interact with.”

How will I be assessed?

The assessment structure is the same for all UCD Innovation Academy modules.

Team Presentation (in class)
Continuous Assessment
End of Module Reflection

Who teaches these modules?

The UCD Innovation Academy Team includes academics, entrepreneurs, tech thinkers, agricultural innovators, and design thinking practitioners… and Pepper…our Robot in Residence! Learn more about our team HERE.

Where is UCD Innovation Academy?

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