Why are these modules relevant to me?

“As part of the Innovation Academy I had the opportunity to do immersion days with Diona and Deloitte. Over the course of a day we got to innovate solutions to some of their biggest problems and present back our solutions to their management teams. This experience landed me a consulting internship with Deloitte for the summer. Doing the innovation academy modules was also a fantastic discussion point for me during interviews with Microsoft & Facebook after college as they value the same principles that the innovation academy instills in their students.” – Nathan Huggins, Strategic Account Manager at Facebook and UCD Alum (2014 – 2018)

The world of work is changing faster than ever before. No matter where you see your future, employers of all sizes and in all sectors want agile graduates who are creative, collaborative and innovative. So whether it’s joining the next big tech start-up or rising the ranks in a dynamic company or changing the world with an NGO, these modules can help you to shape your future.

At UCD Innovation Academy our project-based (i.e. no exams), experiential classes bring together students from all 42 schools at UCD to build these skills by tackling real-world challenges in partnership with leading graduate employers across all sectors including PwC, Arnotts|Brown Thomas, Deloitte, Mastercard, and Diona.

“A student’s choice to undertake the Innovation Academy’s elective modules in creativity and innovation indicates a mindset that is highly valuable to our business.” – Susan O’Donnell, PwC

If you take the ‘Design Your Life’ Module (IA200090) you will have the opportunity to apply the dynamic tools you learn in class to better understand your strengths and what you want to do with your current and future life and career.

What is it like to take a module at UCD Innovation Academy?

“I made a whole bunch of new friends from all different backgrounds in UCD that I normally wouldn’t even have a chance to interact with.”

The learning experience at UCD Innovation Academy is unlike any other. Our classrooms are collaborative, fun learning communities where friendships form fast. Students at UCD Innovation Academy have an opportunity to work with technologies such as Robotics, Virtual Reality and 3D Printing. The work takes place in the classroom. There are no essays or exams.

What Will I Learn?

“I improved my communication skills, my presenting skills, teamwork, problem-solving and much more. I feel that I have gained fundamental skills that will benefit me for my entire life.”

Pick from five elective modules, each delivered at five different points in the calendar to suit your schedule regardless of your course or extracurricular commitments.

Combine any three Innovation Academy modules listed below to gain a UCD Structured Elective in Innovation for Change that will feature on your academic transcript for future employers to see.

Undergraduate Elective Modules at UCD Innovation Academy

IA20010: Creativity and Innovation

Increase your creative thinking skills, problem solving skills, team-working skills, design thinking and lateral thinking abilities through hands on exercises, tasks and challenges. Over the course of the module, you will actively engage in developing creative solutions to problems and learn methods to critically evaluate these solutions. LEARN MORE
IA200020: Essentials of Entrepreneurship

You will practice key innovation and entrepreneurial techniques and develop life-skills including creative confidence, curiosity, communication, collaboration and commitment. This module will also enable you to work collaboratively to develop a commercial, social or community venture. LEARN MORE

IA20060: Social Entrepreneurship
Social Entrepreneurship is a rapidly growing sector focused on the development and implementation of solutions that address social and environmental issues. You will hear from guest social entrepreneurs and engage in immersive challenges and in-class discussions. LEARN MORE

IA20080: Design Thinking for Innovation [NEW]

Design Thinking is a creative problem-solving process increasingly applied across sectors to solve challenges.You will be introduced to the five stages of Design Thinking through guest-talks and experiential learning including a team-based challenge on a real-world problem for an external organisation. LEARN MORE
IA20090: Design Your Life [NEW]
Our team of Entrepreneurial Specialists will introduce you to the processes and tools that will enable you to make creative and informed life and career choices for themselves now and into the future. LEARN MORE

A Unique Elective Experience for UCD Undergraduate Students

Build Experience by Tackling Real World Problems

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