Prof Suzi Jarvis

Professor Suzi Jarvis ( has been at the forefront of research, innovation and education in Ireland and abroad.

She is the founding Director of the Innovation Academy at University College Dublin and Chair of Biophysics with a multidisciplinary research team based in the UCD Conway Institute of Biomolecular and Biomedical Research.  In 2002 she was the first female principal investigator funded by Science Foundation Ireland and continues to receive SFI funding for her research, as well as funding from the EU.

Suzi has built a team of entrepreneurs (practitioner educators) who are designing ways to nurture entrepreneurial thinking and action within learners from a broad range of backgrounds.  Her aim in developing the Academy is to provide a transformational educational experience for people for the betterment of Irish society and economy.

Motivated to help shape the future of education, she is particularly interested in exploring new educational paradigms both within the Academy and the wider community.

She was educated at the University of Oxford, and has substantial international experience, particularly in Japan where she worked for eight years.  She continues to build an extensive global network across multiple sectors.

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