David Price is a senior associate at the Innovation Unit, a not-for-profit enterprise committed to solving social challenges around the world.

For the past 10 years, Price has led numerous international education projects, culminating in the writing of his acclaimed book OPEN: How We’ll Work, Live and Learn In The Future. His conclusion is that there is a profound shift taking place in the ways we view knowledge. The much vaunted ‘knowledge economy’ didn’t happen, because the commercial value of knowledge plummeted. Its social value, however, has soared. Every business, every school and every public institution needs to learn from the ways in which we engage with knowledge socially, because therein lies the answer to how to re-engage employees and students, and remain competitive, and relevant in a fast-moving world.

Businesses must build cultures that promote autonomy, learning and collaboration. In business, innovation is treated as an ad-hoc event or is externally bought in. Successful businesses, however, have often succeeded in making innovation a part of their DNA. The best solution is for organisations to become engaging environments so they can hold on to their talent. Price also specialises in the future of work – how we’re still operating based on a 19th century model and what organisations need to do to adapt to growing automation and the introduction of artificial intelligence.

Price argues that schools and colleges must also be prepared for the future – employers are increasingly interested not in what applicants know but in what they can do with what they know. Changes in how we learn socially, and in how we work, are not being reflected in our learning environments.

Sir Ken Robinson commented on Price’s book that ‘from every perspective OPEN will open your mind to some of the real implications of digital technologies for how we live and learn in the 21st century’.


“David’s contribution to not only his presentation but throughout the day was both informed and insightful, adding real value to the meeting.” – Ashfield Health

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