We shape creative minds

We shape creative minds

The Innovation Academy UCD studies and shares entrepreneurial and creative thinking.
Students of all disciplines work at The Academy in creative studios unlike any learning space they have worked in before,
tackling real world problems, and thinking in new ways.

It’s like being immersed in a river of ideas.
Every day. Every moment.Ferdia Mac Anna (novelist, director, producer, and Innovation Academy student)

The Innovation Academy, UCD is dedicated to supporting Ireland’s innovation culture by fostering entrepreneurial talent in communities across the country. Established in 2010, The Innovation Academy, UCD has become an internationally recognised exemplar of best-practice in innovation and entrepreneurship education. Read more >

Entrepreneurship in its broadest sense is an individual’s ability to turn ideas into action. Some Innovation Academy graduates start companies, some spin out companies from universities or corporations, some pursue new employment in a company while others will instigate change within existing organisations or at a societal level.

Our students are drawn from across Ireland, and internationally, and include recent graduates, PhD students, industry professionals and job seekers funded under the HEA’s Springboard programme. This diversity is important in developing future leaders with the skills and attitudes to be entrepreneurial in their professional lives, whether by creating their own companies or innovating in existing organisations.

At The Innovation Academy UCD we work together in multi-disciplinary teams to explore challenging aspects of the entrepreneurial experience including: calculated risk taking; coping with ambiguity; displaying initiative; learning from failure; and effective communication.

Through the delivery of an action oriented, practice driven, innovation programme we transform professionals and scholars into energetic and resourceful entrepreneurial creators.

The Innovation Academy is a networking space for entrepreneurs, innovators, and thinkers.
Our new evening event series is kicking off, with startup leaders, venture capitalists, and creatives.

Come and mingle with the great, the good, and the curious.

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